Silverpoint for Absolut Vodka

Silverpoint – a completely new way to experience a story

“On a cold spring night, a phone was found beside a single rose. The phone belonged to Chloe. Where she is now remains a mystery. What we do know is that she has been playing a game.”

Silverpoint is an app that is a digital gateway into something much bigger … a game that blurs the lines between digital and reality.

The story concerns the mystery disappearance of a woman named Chloe, and as players get more involved they find hidden depths to the narrative and some very large surprises.

The audience gradually work through snippets of information released over a two-week period, unlocking information as they go by solving puzzles.

Featuring and inspired by Andy Warhol’s rarely seen blotted-line ‘Silverpoint’ drawings, the game starts to draw the player into the real world. Levels become more difficult to unlock. The only way to do so, other than playing for days, is to go out into London, and take part in a series of live experiences that cross the boundary between gameplay and reality.

Over a two week period in April 2015, players were drawn to locations around the city, where they were automatically ‘levelled up’ for their efforts. The use of iBeacons was key – these were installed all over London and enabled the creative team to send messages to players and to increase their score when they entered the venues.

Those who had played through (some players spent over 20 hours improving their score) were invited to the finale – a chase around the streets and into a dark den, where the secret of Chloe was finally, chillingly revealed.

The game was a collaboration between Absolut Vodka, Somethin’ Else, Punchdrunk and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. All were aligned with the common goal to create an original, innovative experience that drew on Absolut Vodka’s brand values to inspire the tastemakers of London.

The game was featured in national newspapers, Time Out and chosen by Campaign in its “The World’s Talking About” section.

In a media environment in which people are finding new and interesting ways to avoid marketing messages this game got the audience to play for hours with many leaving their home to deepen their engagement with the brand.

The work has won multiple awards including:

2015 Most Innovative Use of Content and The Chairman’s Award at the Drum Content Awards.

2016 Compelling Content at the Marketing Week Awards

2016 Highly Commended  in the Branded Content category at the Marketing Society Excellence Awards.