Four thousand hours of content a year. Music and speech programmes, podcasts, web content and streaming audio, for every major BBC national network, commercial broadcasters, brands and websites. We do it all, and can do it for you too.

Our recent projects

Essential Mix logo

Case Study: BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix

Producing one of dance music's most iconic brands since 2003.

1Xtra Specialist DJs

Case Study: BBC Radio 1Xtra’s 10pm Specialist Music Shows

How we transformed 1Xtra's specialist music output to make it more relevant and talked about.

Trophy Cabinet

We've had to shuffle some things around to make room for our latest BAFTA …

Radio News

Somethin' Else will supply assets around existing Radio 4 and 6 Music brands.

Social Media for Radio 4 and 6 Music

Creating social content for iconic BBC brands


Somethin’ Else Radio Highlights 10th April 2014

Teens, cats, attractive Frenchmen, more teens....errr Greg Dyke..and HODOR! It's great Somethin' Else Radio to check out this week as chosen by Head of Radio, Robert Abel.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans (not that one, the other one) on Kermode & Mayo

This Friday on The Kermode and Mayo Film Review, Chris Evans will join Simon and Mark to talk about his role as Captain America in Captain America: Winter Soldier.



Case Study: Foxy TV – the future of broadcasting?

Foxy TV is a weekly live broadcast from our studios in Old Street direct to the Foxy Bingo chat rooms.

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