The audio market is going through the biggest revolution since the invention of radio. The smart phones in our pockets and the tablets in our bags enable us to connect to some form of audio entertainment in seconds, meaning you are never far away from a great story or an important idea.

We are working with Penguin Random House to take advantage of these new listening opportunities to create the audiobook habit among book lovers.

Working across Penguin Random House’s owned channels, paid media, PR, digital partnerships and with talent our strategy is to use digital content to promote trial amongst key target audiences and then continue an on-going dialogue to encourage behaviour change.

The Penguin Podcast with Richard E. Grant

Penguin Richard

In each episode a guest author joins Richard E. Grant in an intimate and lively conversation with five objects that inspired and shaped their writing. Guided by these objects, listeners can hear directly from authors about the origins of a story and the experiences that influenced its development, and enjoy extracts from each guest author’s latest audiobook.

Penguin Richard


The podcast is available for download across iTunes, Acast, Audioboom and Soundcloud.

The Puffin AudioBook Club with Mumsnet

Mummy bloggers and regular visitors to mumsnet listen to audiobooks and share experiences online, provoking discussion, laughter and recommendations.

Roald Dahl Twits Audiobook Cover

Roald Dahl Twits Audiobook Reviews

Audiobook trailers and promotional content

Leading authors cultivate groups of loyal fans with whom they have an on-going relationship.  To encourage audiobook trial we are creating audiobook trailers for their fans and fans of the genre to provide a sample of the audiobook experience.

A trailer for Jo Nesbo’s  Blood on Snow – performed by Patti Smith

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