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Case Study: Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2012


Red Bull Bedroom Jam is a project that helps young bands get out of the bedroom and onto the big stage. Over the course of a year, Red Bull provide long term career support to the artists that work hardest in the rehearsal room and on promotion to equip them with all the tools and opportunities that they need to connect with thousands of new fans in both the online and real worlds.

The campaign takes the form of a competition between bands, and is run individually in many of the key Red Bull territories around the world. The competition is played out through a series of 16 weekly programmes, live festival coverage and a live-streamed final show from the Red Bull studios.

In November 2011, we were challenged by Red Bull UK to re-invigorate, re-energise and develop Red Bull Bedroom Jam into an authentic, entertaining weekly show featuring the UKs most exciting, unsigned, heavy music acts. The campaign had run previously for 4 years in the UK and the visual content was not performing as expected. Previously the series had concentrated on band performances and lacked any sense of engaging storytelling.

Our approach was intended to engage the passionate-but-particular audience of hardcore, punk and metal fans with a mix of slick live music coverage and light-hearted editorial that created a story around each band the personalities within it. Crucially we aimed to highlight Red Bull’s passion for giving hard-working bands within the genre a platform to increase their fan-base and pursue success.

To do this, our TV and Video development team created a new format and aesthetic for the series that gave bands a platform to express their personalities and lifestyles without the need for awkward interviews.

The outcome

The results of our approach were fantastic:

  • Traffic to is up 200% on previous series
  • 1 million visits to the site
  • On average, viewers watched each weekly show for 4.5 minutes, an incredibly high retention for online video
  • 5,000 live viewers streamed the live final at the end of the 9 month campaign
  • 3 x music videos created for the finalists are currently receiving airplay on specialist music channels such as Kerrang! TV following the support received by the campaign

In addition, there were some other outcomes from our production that we’re proud of:

  • Footage from the series was featured in Red Bull Worldwide’s ‘Best Of’ reel
  • Red Bull Media House HQ in Austria praised the UK Red Bull Culture Team (for whom Bedroom Jam was produced) for producing some of the best Red Bull content globally
  • Format points from Somethin’ Else’s treatment for the series have been imitated by Red Bull Bedroom Jam campaigns in other Red Bull global territories

To view all Red Bull Bedroom Jam episodes, the festival special, live final and finalists’ music videos, head to

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