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Papa Sangre II is here

Papa Sangre II

Somethin’ Else is incredibly proud to announce the release of our third audio-only game, Papa Sangre II.

Papa Sangre II is a horror game that begins with your own death. You must return to the land of the living by exploring an immersive story-world, collecting memories of dead souls to get back to the other side. You are guided through the underworld by the omniscient narrator Sean Bean.


Unlike traditional games, Papa Sangre II has no visuals; the gameplay takes place in audio only and makes use of the most immersive technology available: your own imagination.

Papa Sangre II is a game tailor-made for anyone looking for a premium and compellingly different experience. It is developed on top of our very own audio engine: The Papa Engine which allows sound to be positioned 360 degrees around the listener’s head, including behind. Papa Sangre II features over 1,600 individually processed sounds, making it one of our most ambitious products developed so far.

Watch the trailer here..and don’t forget to put your headphones on.

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