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Case Study: Mayo and Kermode Film Review, BBC Radio 5 live

Mayo and Kermode

The Problem

Somethin’ Else took over the production of The Mayo and Kermode Film Review in October 2011. The show had been running for ten years on BBC 5 live, with an exceptionally loyal following. However, the quality of guests on the show was a clear area for improvement, as was the multiplatform element of the brand.

How we applied our process

We employed a twofold approach, employing an awesome guest booker and focusing attention on the social promotion of the show.

We identified that we could dramatically improve our engagement with the audience, enhancing their contributions to the show via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Now our online audience get up to six new pieces of Kermode & Mayo content every day, seven days per week. The Facebook audience has grown by 250% and now feeds audience-generated content back to the show every week.

We have rebuilt the brand’s YouTube channel, which also feeds content back to the radio show. Mark Kermode’s reviews are now browseable by genre, BBFC rating and geographical area, and the reviews include actual video clips, making it a very rich experience. As 80% of our YouTube viewers now come to us from within YouTube itself, we’re confident that we’re constantly bringing new, younger ears to the radio programme.

All the increased social engagement has helped us book big guests like Steven Spielberg, Dustin Hoffman and Daniel Craig. And crucially they now give us great interviews too, as the reputation of the show combined with presenters Simon and Mark’s enthusiasm and skill as broadcasters means they are able to get more than just the normal film junket interview out of them.

What we’re most proud of:

  • Being told we are the gold standard in multiplatform content for the whole of BBC Radio
  • Receiving a Sony nomination for speech radio programme of the year in 2012
  • Booking Steven Spielberg and Robert Redford onto the show
  • Hearing YouTube comments and Facebook posts being read out as elegantly as emails every week

The outcome

A five star, fully loaded, truly cross-platform entertainment brand, and clearly the market leading BBC flagship film programme reaching one million people per week. A brand which is as comfortable engaging with its audience on social media and reaching new audiences on Youtube in its video iteration as it is broadcasting to its radio audience on a Friday afternoon. A rich and unique radio entity in its own right, the show  feels truly current and relevant.


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