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Case Study: MASHTUN


The Problem

Chivas is a sophisticated, modern brand — but a modern brand with over two centuries of history. Their Art of Hosting campaign is sharply focused: Chivas makes the modern social gathering complete.

Chivas wanted an app as part of their campaign, a game that showcased the Art of Hosting.

Hosting is indeed a fine art; it’s about creating an environment, a novel experience, and about facilitating a good time.

The Solution

Working with Havas, we took Chivas’ overall campaign objectives and employed our faithful design approach to work out how to achieve them.

We could have proposed a game where little guys barrel back and forth being hosts … but making a game that actually made social gatherings go well seemed like a far better idea. We could make a tool for hosts, and bring the campaign to life. Social gatherings are affected by our personal digital technology, so we decided to embrace that technology to turn the attention of those at a party towards each other: a social game that made players look at each other rather than their devices.

Our mission: to reinvent the parlour game for the modern age. To make “real-time social games”. To make you a better host.

How We Did It

Our starting point was to look at the most successful parlour games from history. We wanted to capture their essence. What made them good games? What was the central mechanic that encouraged interaction? We tested them out (a lot) and whittled the list down to around 20 games.

Our next step was to test these ideas against our central premise: the games had to make smart, entertaining and imaginative use of the iPhone and iPad hardware, such as the touch screen, camera, gyroscope, accelerometer and microphone.

Once we had a shortlist, we prototyped and tested them to see if they fit our manifesto. We ran several user testing sessions with the target audience, took those learnings and built on them to make an app we’re really proud of. Scoring was an interesting challenge; we actually wanted scoring to be arbitrary, something to be set by the party host to demonstrate they had the qualities Chivas was interested in fostering.

The end result is MASHTUN – a suite of five parlour games for the modern host.

Inspired by Charades, this quick-fire acting game encourages wild team acting under pressure… with the words selected by the opposing team.

Players ‘jam’ by playing sections of a track in time.

Complete physical challenges while keeping a tower of blocks balanced.

A head to head relay race powered by … your voice.

Hide and seek for the modern age. One team hides their device. The other team uses their device to find it.

The app also seamlessly suggests the number of teams and players on each team, based on guests and phones or tablets devices in the room.

MASHTUN is a free app available for the iPad and iPhone.

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