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Case Study: 6 Music’s Greatest Hits, BBC Radio 6 Music

6 Music's Greatest Hits

The Challenge

To mark the end of their tenth birthday celebrations, BBC Radio 6 Music launched an online poll to find the greatest record released during their decade on air. Somethin’ Else were asked to provide a social media strategy to support the network’s on air activity and run their social media channels on the day of broadcast. This posed some challenges:

  • How do we raise awareness of the chart and in relevant online communities?
  • How can the chart ‘live’ online outside of BBC 6 Music’s linear broadcast spaces?
  • How can we make the chart more shareable across social spaces to increase engagement with 6 Music?

How we applied our process

To reach this large potential audience we devised a joined up social strategy using consistent branding and messaging across multiple social platforms.

To launch the Greatest Hits digitally we built two playlists; one on Spotify and one on YouTube which were available for syndication from launch day. We used our relationship with Spotify to ensure the Greatest Hits playlist received exposure on their homepage and their social media channels in launch week, helping raise awareness of the vote.

We designed a sharable ‘meme’ for the campaign which went live on launch day and was used across all 6 Music’s social media channels for the entire month. This meant we had consistent ‘look’ for the campaign in our spaces – key to a joined up social approach.

We also emailed artists in the top 100 with the correct syndication information for the campaign, including hashtags and links to the voting page, making it easy for them to spread details of the vote into their communities.

Midway through the campaign. we ran a Now Playing @ 6 Music Greatest Hits show, engaging the 6 Music audience in a discussion about the vote in our online spaces which was then reflected on air. This helped keep the vote’s momentum up, showing the advantage of fusing well planned social media with on-air activity.

The bits we’re most proud of

On show day, we ran a live blog using Storify, counting down the chart and curating the social media conversation in real time.

We live tweeted each result from the @BBC6Music’s twitter account using the #NowPlaying and #6MusicGreatest tags to ensure maximum levels of visIbility and ReTweets.

We created different memes for different parts of the day which were posted to 6 Music’s social channels to encourage sharing and raise awareness of the day’s programming.

We uploaded key countdown montages and interviews with artists onto 6 Music’s Soundcloud account which we were then able to embed in Storify and Facebook.

  • What Will Be Number 1
  • Coldplay Meme
  • Social Stats

The Outcome

Over the month the #6MusicGreatest hashtag received 13,500 mentions on Twitter – over 12,000 of theme on countdown day where it where it was trending across the UK until 7pm.

Key bands using #6MusicGreatest included Coldplay (9 Million followers), Arctic Monkeys (346,000 followers) The National (104,000 followers), Blur (75,000 followers) and The Macabees (76,000 followers),

Overall Facebook reach for the week was over 2 million -  a 1150% increase week on week and the highest ever number of engaged users in this space.

Over the course of the countdown we received over 2000 comments and 900 shares on Facebook.

Our Spotify playlist has reached 11,000 subscribers and our YouTube playlist has had over 240,000 views.

On Soundcloud our atomized montages and interviews had 3000 plays on event day – adding a new level of depth to Facebook and the live blog as they were embedded into those platforms.


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