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Jazz on 3 this week…

John Fordham heads to London’s Science Museum to talk to Finn Peters and Matthew Yee King about their tinkerings with interactive brain-scanning software. The resulting gadget allows the user to “think music into being” (especially if you have John Fordham’s knack for yoga breathing) and forms the basis of Peters’s new album Music Of The Mind. But is it a gimmick or a musical revolution?

Also on the show this week, a session by Liam Noble, one of the most versatile pianists working in Britain today: he’s equally at home playing Carole King tunes with Christine Tobin or charting the deepest waters of free jazz. The session he played for us shows off his remarkable talent for spontaneous composition. Liam describes his playing as an attempt to  sound like Ellington crossed with Stravinsky, and there’s a classical clarity of line in evidence here, even in the wildest moments. He chose three collaborators for the session, to play in duos and finally as a quartet: Dave Wickens on drums, Korean-American cellist Okkyung Lee and Chris Batchelor on trumpet (using electronics to brew up a fusion-era-Miles sound in his duet with Liam). All tracks are improvised, with the exception of Liam and Dave’s version of Ornette Coleman’s Peace Warriors and Liam’s composition Around. Responsive and expansive, it’s not hard to hear why Liam is the collaborator of choice for so many on the scene.

Jazz on 3, Monday’s at 23.15 on BBC Radio 3

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