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Foxy Bingo Radio

Every Tuesday and Thursday night at 8pm we create a live online radio show for Foxy Bingo.

It’s a chance to win loads of cash and increase the fun as you play bingo online — there’s nothing else like it out there, with entertaining phone-ins from listeners and a format that’s unique in British radio. It employs chat rooms, live gaming, music and other more live gaming, and is much a game as a radio show.

Somethin' Else studios

When we built our studios in Brunswick Place a couple of years ago, we specifically designed them to be able to ‘do’ live radio, either for the web or for ultimate broadcast over Her Majesty’s Airwaves. As well as great digital studios, that means a bunch of bandwidth and proper peering at places like ITN.

Here’s Foxy Bingo’s website.

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