Economist Audio Edition: behind the scenes

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If you’ve been at Somethin’ Else HQ on a Thursday you’ll have seen the organised chaos of our twenty-member Economist team working to put together the Audio Edition for the world-renowned newspaper. We work on a printing-press deadline to get all eight hours’ worth of articles recorded, edited, mixed, checked, checked, and rechecked over the course of the day. It’s a military operation that requires exceptional teamwork, fanatical organisation, and phenomenal attention to detail.

It’s also hugely popular with the Economist’s subscribers – with a very significant proportion consuming the paper only via their ears. The Economist is currently the only paper in the world which makes its entire contents available in audio form, but with 25-30% of its 1.5m+ readership consuming its audio products, other publishers should take note of the power and reach of audio editions.

But don’t take our word for it – here’s Tom Standage, Digital Editor, and Neelay Patel, Digital Vice President of Commercial Strategy,¬†of the Economist, talking about the Audio Edition and why it’s such a successful product.

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