Content for the way the world works now

There’s always Somethin’ Else.

We create things millions of people watch, listen to and play with every day on their computers, radios, devices and televisions.

We’re an audience business and we’re a user business. To make successful content now you have to centre your ideas or designs on them, and the complex mix of their needs & preferences for content, devices, services & products. You have to truly understand the competition your content will face. You have to make everything ‘social’ by design.

We do.

Somethin’ Else is celebrated across many platforms and awarded internationally at the highest level — we’re even this year’s BAFTA Production Company of the Year.  We work with brands, broadcasters & content publishers (as clients and as partners). Our knowledge of strategy and our obsession with audiences & users helps us achieve difficult objectives by creating content people love.

We have an extraordinary, interdisciplinary team with experts in media and technology, active in four areas:

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Somethin' Else audience and strategy knowledge

Four centres of excellence working as one team

Digital Design
TV & Video

Your objectives


  • we are successful because we are decent people: respectful, honest, caring and professional.
  • creativity is central to everything we do. We are tough on ideas until  they are simple and beautiful.
  • profitability and creative success should go hand in hand.
  • we should be proud of everything we make and do.
  • we should enjoy working for and always respect our clients.
  • work can give you some of the best times of your life.
  • in ambition and merit above all else. This is a place where you will be trusted. If you want to rise to the top we’ll go out of our way to help you.
  • in the importance of understanding the way the world works now. Our products and services must match that.


There is always Somethin’ Else.

A special place where we help each other create beautiful ideas, products and stories for the way the world works now.

We want this to be the best company you’ve ever worked with or for.

One day we’d like everyone to have Somethin’ Else in their hearts, hands and imaginations.

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andy 580x325

Andy Shepherd

Andy Shepherd is a young, exciting presenter. He is a Sports presenter for SBTV and this summer saw Andy compete to be the next Blue Peter presenter on CBBC’s Blue Peter: You Decide

christian o'connell_0154 580x325

Christian O’Connell

Christian O’Connell is a DJ, TV Presenter, writer and stand-up comedian. He is the first ever presenter to win ten Sony Gold Awards.

The Economist

Case Study: The Economist Audio Edition

Since early 2012 we’ve created the weekly audio edition of The Economist allowing subscribers to receive the full magazine in audio every week.

Somethin Else Talent

Gemma Cairney

Gemma Cairney is an exciting, stylish and unique presenter whose infectious personality makes her one of a kind.