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There’s always Somethin’ Else.

We are a content business — but making content means nothing without audiences.

Whether we are working for broadcasters like the BBC or brands like Red Bull, we know the value of the content we make comes from the depth of connection it creates with the audience.

So we are obsessed with audiences valuing the content we create.

Because if the audience doesn’t engage with the content, they won’t be influenced by it, spend time with it, recommend it to their friends, delve deeper into the story or be open to a more active dialogue.

And then the content has no value.

It’s just another video on YouTube, unread tweet, underplayed game on the App Store or programme nobody sees.

So just being a content business isn’t enough for us.

We are an audience business — we win, develop, and connect with audiences.

Which means production is only half the story.

To ensure our content wins an audience we devise a strategy focused on them. We define the role we can play in their lives, plan the distribution, create the content and cultivate the dialogue it inspires.

When content truly connects it has a powerful effect on its audience.

It’s an experience that inspired us to do what we do.

It’s why for us it’s not the content but the audience that matters.

We have an extraordinary, interdisciplinary team with experts in media and technology, active in four areas:

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Somethin' Else audience and strategy knowledge

Four centres of excellence working as one team

Digital Design
TV & Video

Your objectives


  • we are successful because we are decent people: respectful, honest, caring and professional.
  • creativity is central to everything we do. We are tough on ideas until  they are simple and beautiful.
  • profitability and creative success should go hand in hand.
  • we should be proud of everything we make and do.
  • we should enjoy working for and always respect our clients.
  • work can give you some of the best times of your life.
  • in ambition and merit above all else. This is a place where you will be trusted. If you want to rise to the top we’ll go out of our way to help you.
  • in the importance of understanding the way the world works now. Our products and services must match that.


There is always Somethin’ Else.

A special place where we help each other create beautiful ideas, products and stories for the way the world works now.

We want this to be the best company you’ve ever worked with or for.

One day we’d like everyone to have Somethin’ Else in their hearts, hands and imaginations.

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